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E43C Metal Earphone


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Item : Earphone
Model :E43C
Connector : 3.5 mm
Cord length : 120 cm
Earbuds : Airtight
Earshell type : Canal
Material : Metal

Plug Type : Type C
Mic ????️: ✅
Calling ????: ✅
Song changer ⏭️⏮️ : ✅
Volume control ???? : ➕ ➖ key

Driver units : 10mm
Impedance : 16 Ohm
Sensitivity :
Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz

Compatible with all model
Weight: 17.1 gm
Color : Black

With Silicone Tip It’s Very Comfortable to wear ..
Active Noise Cancellation
Give Extra Boost for Gaming
Premium Quality Sound
Stylish Design
High Bass

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Hello there! Today let’s talk about this jewel of a product, the E43C Earphone. This earphone model is guaranteed to elevate your music experience. We’ve incorporated a 3.5 mm connector and have a lovely 120 cm cord length so that restriction of movement is never a concern. Plus, the airtight earbuds with canal-style earshell are absolute bliss for your ears.
Shying away from the standard plastic, these earphones are made up of premium metal for that extra sturdiness. Added with a Type C Plug, it’s very modern and compatibility is never an issue. And guess what? It’s equipped with inbuilt features like mic and calling facilities. So bid adieu to switching devices for different uses. With an added song changer and volume control keys, full control is right at your fingertips.
The Earphone delivers high bass with frequency response ranging from 20Hz-20kHz, thanks to its impressive 10mm driver units. With a lightweight model weighing a mere 17.1 gm, you won’t even notice them on your ears. These fantastic black beauties also come with active noise cancellation, giving you an edge in your gaming experiences. All in all, with its silicone tip and stylish design, the E43C Earphone marries comfort with style effortlessly.


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